Reliable and secure datacenter in Belgium.

Who are we?

We - at SecureServers - host and manage online applications for free. With our own private datacenter located in Belgium we are in full control of every bit entering and exiting our network.

our hosted applications

what we offer

Cloud Scalability

We automatically scale computing resources when needed to provide blazing fast sites, streams, gaming experiences and more.


We provide high security due to encryption and a high grade of surveillance. No intruder is able to steal any of your personal data in any way.

High availability

With backup servers, power backups and almost no maintainance downtime we have an uptime guarantee of 99,98%.

Got an idea or a question?

Do you still need hosting or development for your projects or ideas? Or do you have a question? Or do you simple wan't to chat? Don't hestitate from contacting us using the form below!


You can contact us for anything. From our already hosted projects or your new project to enquiries about our hardware.